BTS breaks Oricon’s 2021 deals record in 1 day with ‘BTS, THE BEST’ collection dispatch

BTS is on a record-breaking binge and there is only no halting them. Subsequent to adding their names to the record books with their most recent single, ‘Spread’, the young men hit another high with the arrival of their collection ‘BTS, THE BEST’. The K-Pop band’s new Japanese collection highlighting their most prominent hits has … Read more

UP10TION introduces 2nd full album

UP10TION held an online media showcase event Monday to introduce its second full album, “Connection.” “We are returning after a long while and I was so excited and nervous that I couldn’t sleep well,” confided Kuhn. The band members poured a lot into the new album, he added. The new LP is a spinoff from … Read more

Rap fight: Blackpink fans quietness awful kid Malaysian rapper

Namewee’s most recent video flashes kickback and features K-pop’s proceeding withhold in Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Wee Meng Chee, otherwise called the dubious Malaysian Chinese rapper and chief Namewee, didn’t think his new tune which includes the “extremely rich” Malaysian Chinese first-class would unleash a worldwide tempest of outrage from a huge number of … Read more

In 24 hours B.I breaks YouTube Record for Most Viewed K-pop Male Soloist Debut MV

“Illa” has become the most seen K-Pop male soloist debut music video in the initial 24 hours. Following quite a while of exciting mysteries, on June 1, rapper, artist musician, artist, record maker, and previous head of kid bunch iKON, B. I dropped his first full-length collection as a soloist. Delivered alongside the profoundly expected … Read more