The movie version “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” which became No. 1 in the United States “Realistic evaluation” in the United States

“Theatrical version” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition” (Demon Slayer) was finally released in the United States on April 23. Due to its previous reputation as a big hit in Japan, it was a long-awaited screening for anime fans, and there were lines on the first day. The result of the first week of the … Read more

Godzilla Singular Point Announces Release Date On Netflix Outside Japan

Godzilla Singular Point will take the king of the monsters to anime with its premiere on Netflix on June 24. The series already debuted in Japan on March 25 through the streaming service, although the other territories had to wait a little longer to see this new anime adaptation of the most famous monster in … Read more

Anime “Odd Taxi” Natsuki Hanae x Mahiro Takasugi talk for the first time and praise Diane “Good with two people in combination”

The anime “Odd Taxi”, which started broadcasting in April, has been attracting attention for its story development and cool songs that betray pop visuals. Heroin a 41-year-old private taxi driver, Odo River of popular voice actors a Natsuki Hanae addition to plays, of Miki Subaru student -Asei, also Yusuke Tsuda Atsuhiro et al surprising everyone … Read more

This is “paper” breathing! A video of a pop paper doll that moves like an anime is flooded with rave reviews from overseas.

Mr. Wasu (@Cermrnl) posted a video of a girl with a pop illustration pulling out a Japanese sword along with the emoji of. This is not animation or CG, but a video of moving a paper doll manually! Many people praised the video of the paper puppet (paper doll), which moves smoothly like an animation, … Read more

Isekai maou season 2, episode 6 online sub Spanish: where to see the sixth chapter of the new season?

On Thursday, April 1, the second season of 2021 anime premieres began. There are several titles that will be launched, from totally new works to some unexpected returns. However, among the extensive list of series, there is one that stands out and that has been awaited by the fandom for a long time. This is … Read more