Sonny Boy Episode 8: Release Date and all you need to know

The baffling scene story begins with Sonny Boy Episode 8 with Nagataro and different understudies attempting to figure out how to arrive at home. This scene will be delivered this coming week. Sonny Boy uncovered the strange world curve since the time the school got transported to a baffling area. From the new scene of Sonny Boy, the understudies met with a talking canine that gave them signs and expectations that there is a shot at getting back. Yet, any semblance of Hayato has chosen to remain in the puzzling scene and study there.

The understudies head to the conference center to go to Drift Victims Society Meeting, and the educator uncovers that these universes are arising every day. They add that Nagara is the person causing all the floating. The understudies can’t accept that that person caused them this, and they are in a world that living is difficult. The educator abuses Ngara and expresses gratitude toward him for his activities that drive their future to move removed. Sensei adds that Nagara is at fault for wrongdoing, and the understudies wonder where Nagaiari is. They need him to be scorched alive.

The educator told the students that they would denounce Nagara and stop the misfortune per their guidelines. The understudies go on an outing in the first part of the day, and Asa advised Aki to abandon him since he needs to accomplish something. Pro and different understudies are somewhere inside the woodland. Pro revealed to them that it depends on them to choose what they need to do since they have graduated. The others are building something that they can use for voyaging. Mizuho, the talking canine, and Machi are watching everything from the highest point of the mountain. Machi educated Mizuho not to speculate regarding going since she isn’t intrigued or welcomed.

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They discussed making a trip to different universes and about superpowers. Machi discussed Ms. Aki and how she filled the understudies. The talking canine adds that the understudies have powers to keep them alive and that the transport they are building should guard them. Later, Mizuho faces Nagara and discovers him understanding something. Mizuho requests that Nagara quit perusing and help Raj. Raj is chipping away at something close by, and the two chose to go along with him. They notice that he is taking a gander at the way that the insects take to advance home.

Nagara asks why Raj is doing that, and Raj clarifies. Nagara remembers something and took that glass container of insects and headed someplace. Raj considers what Nagara is doing, and Mizuho gets some information about something. Nozomi goes along with them while Nagara shows up in the woodland in the evening. Nagara understands that tales about him causing the floating, yet his companions informed him not to stress it. He saw a bat showing him something and considers what it is flagging him to do. Nagara did what that bat showed him and got shipped to another.

Nagara heard a voice getting him up in the first part of the day at a different universe. The pioneer shows up and asks Nagara his number. The person calls bunch B and said there is an issue with Number 25, and his gathering will reply by having another 50 kilos. In this new world, the understudies get dressed like military specialists, building something meaningful. They convey kilos of various materials, and if you mess up, you need to take more kilos. Nagara changes and takes in new things from that world and gets back to his reality. He reunites with his companions and thinks about how long they will remain here.

Sonny Boy Episode 8 Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 8 will be on Friday, 2 September 2021, at 12:30 AM. You can get the most recent demonstration of this series each Thursday utilizing the time in your country. Investigate the Sonny Boy official update and different subtleties underneath.

Where To Watch Sonny Boy Episode 8

You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 8 online on Funimation and other authority destinations. The most recent advancement of Sonny Boy scenes is accessible online with English captions. You can visit the authority locales to find out about this anime.

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