SUNRISE BEYOND x BANDAI SPIRITS teamed up to release the opening video of the first episode of the robot anime ‘Boundary Warfare Machine’ on YouTube.

The unique video at the beginning of the first episode of the original robot anime “Boundary Warfare Machine,” broadcast and distributed sequentially from October 4, 2021, has been pre-distributed on the BANDAI SPIRITS official YouTube channel.

“Boundary Battle Machine” is an original animation produced by BANDAI SPIRITS and SUNRISE BEYOND. In addition to terrestrial broadcasting, we will implement a hybrid video development called archive distribution on YouTube that can be viewed at any time.

At the beginning of the first episode, the unique video is about 11 minutes long, including the opening video at the beginning of the story that depicts the encounter between the machine-loving boy “Amou Shiiba” and the independent thinking AI “Guy.”

The background and daily life of 2061 AD, which became a dominant slave state due to the war in Japan, are also depicted. Japan humanoid unique each economy were charged mobile weapons AM AIM (A main but) has become the forefront of the world that swagger, Ama secretly original of AM AIM had built the-sword dance.

Bandai Spirits release a full-scale plastic model.

Anime AM to appear in AIM is Bandai spirits industry from design-conscious, reality and the range of motion that thorough investigation of the conventional robot animation of was reproduced not in the mechanism plastic model because will be released, here also I’m looking forward to.

High quality of Plastic and figures, goods in such a reputation Bandai spirits partnered with animation in “boundary Troopers,” energy and natural of Plastic Model both likely the work can enjoy an adult.

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