Two years after the Kyoto Animation arson murder, a memorial service was held at the studio’s site.

It has been two years since the “Kyoto Animation” studio was set on fire, killing 36 employees and injuring 32 people in 18 days. At the studio’s site, a memorial service was held by the bereaved family and company officials, and prayers were offered to the deceased.

On July 18, the first studio of Kyoto Animation in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto, was set on fire, killing 36 employees and seriously injuring 32.

Two years have passed since the incident on the 18th, and a memorial service was held at the studio’s site, attended by about 70 people, including the bereaved family of the deceased employee and the president of Kyoto Animation Hideaki Hatta.

The memorial service began after 10:30 am at the time of the incident, and everyone first offered a minute of silence.

After this, President Hatta greeted, “It’s an unfortunate case that is hard to describe. I hate the criminal. I sincerely offer my sincere condolences to every one of you. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect it. I sincerely apologize. Many people still see the many works I have made with you, and they support the company. I will never forget you. Always keep my heart. Please. Would you please watch over me warmly? ”

Finally, each attendee offered flowers to the altar and prayed to the 36 who died.
Visiting fans “Please sleep peacefully.”
Around the former studio site, there were fans who quietly put their hands together and prayed from a distance so as not to bother the local residents.

In his 40s in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, a man said, “I visited there because I had an errand near me and today was my death anniversary of two years. Sadly, a promising person died in the future, so please sleep peacefully. I prayed. ”

In addition, a man in his 40s in Minoo City, Osaka, said, “It’s been two years since the incident, but my sadness hasn’t disappeared. I was encouraged by seeing the work, so I wanted to say” Thank you “even from a distance. I want to continue to support Kyoto Animation. ”

Also, a man in his twenties studying abroad from China to Japan said, “I am very sorry that many people died in the incident, and I think that Kyoto Animation would have been a much better company without the incident. I want to say, “Thank you so far.” ”
Delivering memorial videos on the Internet
At the memorial service on the 18th, Kyoto Animation distributed a video for the memorial service on the Internet, and fans and related parties watched it and prayed to the victims.

At the bread shop that appeared in the anime “Sound! Euphonium” set in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, and is visited by many fans as a “sacred place,” the owner Yoshihiro Nakaji was at the time of the incident. At the same time, I watched the delivered video.

Mr. Nakaji offered a minute of silence in response to the call for the video and then read the message in memory of the bereaved family and the staff of his colleagues.

Mr. Nakaji said, “It’s been two years, but the feelings of the bereaved family for the lost daily life were very emotional. Watching the video, I was impressed that you are trying to do better work. I want to support you as a local of “Sound! Euphonium”. ”
President Hatta “I don’t change my mind.”

After the memorial service, Hideaki Hatta, President of Kyoto Animation, held a conference in Kyoto City from 4 pm.

In this, President Hatta said, “Two years after the incident, my thoughts haven’t changed at all. I hope everyone will be there every day, and all the employees are trying to make tomorrow with the same thoughts.” It was.

On top of that, “Reconstruction is wide-ranging, but we consider the environment in which we can create works that are close to our feelings, and the recovery of our feelings as Reconstruction, so little by little, one millimeter at a time as we make our daily works. We are moving forward. ”

When asked about his apology in the memorial greeting, President Hatta said, “As a manager, I take it seriously that 36 people died as a result, and I feel sorry for my family. I’m sorry for the death of my important daughter and son in that way, and I’m sorry for the employee who lost his life in a moment. ”

Regarding the situation of the employees involved in the incident, it is true that some people retired saying, “I can’t stand the weight of the incident,” and some people wanted to work hard in a different environment. However, other people are returning and doing their best. ”

On the other hand, he told Aoba, “I think that it will be judged by the hands of a fair judiciary, so I have nothing to say.”
Kyoto Animation Reconstruction status at the time of the incident, Kyoto Animation had 176 employees, of which about 40% were involved in the incident.

Recruitment activities were temporarily suspended but have resumed, and the current number of employees is about 180, which is almost the same as before the incident, and the production of movies and TV animation is in full swing.

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