Hiro Shimono & Kana Hanazawa will appear! Another world fantasy ‘Fruit of evolution’

It turned out that the TV anime ” The Fruit of Evolution-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” will be broadcast from October 2021. At the same time, the particular news PV and key visuals were released, and it became clear that Hiro Shimono will play the main character Seiichi Hiiragi and Kana Hanazawa will play the heroine Sarria.

“Evolutionary Fruit-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” is a different world fantasy based on the light novel published by “Monster Bunko” serialized by Miku in “Become a Novelist.” Seiichi Hiiragi, a high school student who was a bullied child, was suddenly blown into a different world like a game of swords and magic and accidentally uttered the fruit of evolution.

The TV anime “The Fruit of Evolution-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” will start broadcasting in October 2021. I want to keep an eye on future updates on how this work, which begins an unprecedented adventure, will be visualized in a mysterious world other than the earth. “The Fruit of Evolution-The Life of a Winner Without Knowing-”

Broadcast Information Broadcasting starts in October 2021

Staff Original: Miku (Futabasha Monster Bunko) Character draft: U35 Director: Yoshiaki OkumuraSeries composition / Screenplay: Billion Emon Ichikawa Character design: Minami Eda Color design: Chieko Hibi Art: SAKO Art director: Shokyu Lee Shooting director: Hideki Imaizumi Editing: Ichiro Chain Sound director: Ryo Tanaka Sound production: Glow vision casting: Matsuki Kasami / Tomokazu Kiso Music: Hifumi. Inc Production: HOTLINE Production Produce: feel./Children’s Playground Entertainment Production: “Evolutionary Fruit” Production Committee

Cast Seiichi Hiiragi / Hiroshi Shimono / Kana Hanazawa (C) Miku / Futabasha “Evolutionary Fruit” Production Committee.

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