Angela ‘Dedicated to Anison,’ The strongest unit in the anime song world said, ‘I learned everything live on the street’

Angela, the most vital unit in the anime song world, has celebrated its 18th year of debut.

Speaking of angela, even if you are not an anime fan, you have heard the singing voice once, and it can be said that it is a significant figure in the anime song world that has reached its debut 18 years. Vocal Atsuko and KATSU, a guitar and arranger, seized the chance to make their debut on the street life, built the core of angela, and said, “The street life taught everything,” and the impulse and passion at that time. Don’t forget; I’m still active. And the strong will to “dedicate everything to anime songs rather than music as angela” has not changed since its debut. We interviewed Atsuko and KATSU to discover the secret of the “strength” of the one and only unit called angela.

Even though I made my debut once, it didn’t work, and I “restarted” live on the street
–The two angela debuted in May 2003 with the single “Brilliant Road to Tomorrow,” but when they were doing a live performance on the street in front of Shinjuku Alta, the producer of the current record company called out to them. I heard that it was the trigger.

KATSU I made my debut once when I was 24 years old, but I started life on the streets in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and sometimes Shibuya in the sense that it didn’t go well and I started again. It’s easier for people to get together by playing the popular song Hippopotamus. Still, there was a strange rebellious spirit (laughs) at that time, so I was making the original music.

In terms of Atsuko theory, it’s original after covering the first song and gathering people (laughs)

KATSU, I think I’m doing “Gurenge” now (laughs). At that time, I quit the office and started life on the street, and at that time, I had a strong desire to make my debut again. I didn’t want to make repeated mistakes, and while playing live on the street, I was making songs with Tetsuya Komuro, who was popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and so-called being sound “wind.” I also wrote jazzy songs close to the style of artists such as Orange Pekoe and Shibuya-Kei.

Atsuko I was so influenced by “Evangelion” that I thought that if I made a song like the one used in this work, I would have a chance to make a debut again, so I wanted to make my debut, so I played various genres of music. I made and sang.

KATSU At that time, I didn’t want to make a debut with Anison, and I wanted to make a debut again, so I thought I could make a debut if I made a song like “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (Yoko Takahashi), so “merry-go-round” I made a song called. It was a homage to “Cruel,” and this was the direct trigger for their re-debut. That’s because, at that time, this song was sold as a CD at the time of life on the street, and the current producer happened to buy it, and I was told that these two people would be able to make an anion.

“Three years after I started playing on the street, I thought I’d break up, but I decided to do my best for another year, and now I’m here.” (Atsuko)
――From there, the fate of the two, the hands of the clock as an artist, began to move again.

Atsuko It’s been three years since I started life on the street. At that time, I was 28 years old, and I was doing a live performance on the road five times a week while working part-time, but my life was to prioritize live performances over part-time work. I’ve been doing this for ten years together, and I thought it wouldn’t work anymore, so I suggested to KATSU that I should disband. But KATSU says, “Let’s do it together for another year,” so I decided to do it for another year and started the street live again, and about a month later, I met the current producer, so King Record. It’s like he saved his life.

KATSU At that time, angela’s life was decided to be dedicated to Anison.

They live on the street depended on your life.

KATSU It was. CD sales change with just one MC, so I kneaded and kneaded that as well. If you say, “If you become famous in the future, you will get a high price for this CD, so please buy it.” Everyone will buy it, and I don’t know if it will become famous (laughs). When I was playing live on the street for a while after my debut, when I was told, “I’m good,” I said, “I’m lip-synching,” and the easy-to-understand jokes don’t hurt anyone and make me laugh. I’m trying to do this in my current life, as it ends with just humor.


“I had the audience teach me my” strengths “at the street live” (Atsuko)

I thoroughly researched how to convey songs and how to make live performances while playing live on the street, and that is still the foundation of angela.

KATSU Street live was always thinking about how to invite customers to the next life. We and the manager did a lot of marketing, and the manager who handed out the leaflets told me that “customers stop when it comes to the chorus of this song,” and that was the song that Atsuko used a lot of falsetto. To listen to this song, the customer stops when the traffic light turns red, so I play it so that the chorus of the song comes, and when it really becomes a chorus, the customer’s foot stops. So the customer told me that Atsuko’s charm is falsetto.

Atsuko I thought I was a singer with no personality, so I was grateful that he made me realize my strengths. When I made my debut, I was sometimes told that the vibrato-heavy singing style was hot or ugly, but don’t stop just because I was criticized for something that only I could do. Because everyone was convinced, and I’m glad I didn’t shake it.

“I don’t want to sell angela’s name or song, but when I listen to that song, just think of the title of the anime or the anime.” (KATSU)
“We’re saying,’ You’re an artist who’s hard to be a fan’ (laughs)” (Atsuko)

What did you think about how to start activities to devote your life to anime songs and balance that with the individuality of the group of two angela, the one, and only part?

KATSU As it is now, I don’t really have much desire to sell angela’s name and songs. It doesn’t matter if the credits for the anime song work don’t include the name angela. When you listen to a song, it’s okay if you associate it with the title of the anime or the anime.

Atsuko For example, the policy of “because we only do rock” seems to be correct as an artist, but we don’t have it. Maybe I’ve done a lot of music (laughs), but I wrote a work that fits the anime better, and sometimes it’s a serious and magnificent song, and it’s comical. Sometimes it’s a funny song, and I never do a song like this, so it changes according to the work. We have no resistance to it, but some people who listen to it for the first time may be confused, “Isn’t the tone of this song and the previous song too different?” That’s why we also say, “It’s a hard artist to become a fan” (laughs). But the core fans watched me with warm eyes, saying, “That’s angela, right?” (Laughs). So I don’t feel like sticking to “this is angela”.

“The thing I’m most afraid of is being told that Angela doesn’t suit the work'” (KATSU)

From really comical works to serious works, from bright songs to magnificent ballads, it may be said that the wide range of swings is unique.

The Atsuko technique isn’t going to school and taking lessons, it’s my own style, so in fact, there is no base, or there is always such a complex. But in any song, he said, “If Atsuko sings, it will be angela,” so I’m happy with this.

KATSU What I’m most afraid of is being told that “angela isn’t right” for the work. When I was told, “This work is not an angela song,” I think it’s time to quit angela. Rather than technology, I feel like I’m crazy about dying.

Because branding is done well from the beginning, your strength is that it doesn’t shake. For example, I think that a brand that has been around for a long time is evolving while updating, and I think that is the case with angela.

KATSU We are tired of each other, so we may be trying various things. If rock songs continue, you will want to do something different, if ballads continue, you want to do songs with a faster tempo, or if you listen to new music, you have it, but it is a song of the times. I grew up listening to songs, so I wondered what would happen if I combined Kayokyoku with the music that is popular now, and I feel like I’m overwriting while enjoying such chemical reactions. But it’s always tight. Often nothing comes out, like a dry rag.

It’s been 15 years since I made my debut at Atsuko, and I’ve been running out of ideas (laughs).

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