These 7 K-Pop melodies procure debate and Ravi’s ‘Red Velvet’

As of late, the K-Pop world was stunned by one of the tunes in the Ravi VIXX little collection which caused contention. The questionable tune is named Red Velvet, Ravi’s melody in a joint effort with Jamie. This is on the grounds that a portion of the verses allude to the young lady bunch Red Velvet and contain unseemly words.

In any case, incidentally, in the K-Pop world, this isn’t the first run through this has occurred. Considered to have unseemly verses, a portion of these K-Pop melodies have drawn analysis and are considered dubious.

1. Jay Park – Mukkbang! Remix

As of late, Jay Park has drawn debate through his tune, Mukkbang! Remix. This melody itself is a coordinated effort project with a few different craftsmen like Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA, Dumbfounded, and BIBI.

In this melody, there are verses that utilization the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Wallah’ which are considered offending to Islam, all the more definitely in the verse ‘Love me like Allah’.

From the start, Jay Park didn’t think it was an issue. Nonetheless, subsequent to perusing the remarks of netizens, he recently understood that the utilization of the word in his melody annoys a few religions. Jay Park at long last conceded his mix-up and apologized straightforwardly through his Official Twitter account.

2. VIXX’s Ravi – Red Velvet

The melody that started the following discussion came from Ravi, an individual from VIXX. The tune is called Red Velvet, which is a coordinated effort among Ravi and Jamie.

This contention was brought about by a portion of the verses alluding to the young lady bunch Red Velvet and containing improper words. The dubious verse is ” I whittle down a red velvet/’Cause I realize you love me ” from the outset this melody alludes to red velvet cake.

Notwithstanding, incidentally, this melody then, at that point alludes to various things when the verses allude to the young lady bunch Red Velvet. The tune makes reference to “sooyoung-haneun” and “yeri-hagien” which means “swimming” and “sharp”. Where the word is likewise the genuine name of two Red Velvet individuals, specifically Sooyoung (Joy) and Yeri.

Albeit the verse alluding to the young lady bunch Red Velvet isn’t tricky, it became questionable when the verses of the tune purportedly utilized sexual tones and illustrations. Because of this present, VIXX’s Ravi quickly apologized and brought down this tune from all music stages

3. Big Bang – Fxxk it

One of the dubious KPop tunes is Big Bang’s single Fxxk it. Not long after its delivery, this tune was restricted from broadcasting on KBS in light of the fact that the verses contained unseemly words. Nonetheless, that didn’t keep this tune from getting perhaps the most famous and effective melodies of its delivery.

4. Jay B – Switch It Up

After authoritatively leaving JYP, GOT7’s JB is currently well known with the name Jay B. Quite recently, he has now formally joined H1GHR Music. In the not-so-distant past, on May 14, 2021, Jay B delivered his performance single named Switch It Up.

Nonetheless, KBS restricted the transmission of the tune Switch It Up in light of the fact that there were verses that depicted unreasonable sexuality. This brought about Jay B not having the option to advance his tune on different music shows.

5. Agust D / Suga – What Do You Think

The following tune is a melody called What Do You Think, which is one of the tunes on the August D or Suga BTS mixtape. The collection is named D-2, which was authoritatively delivered in 2020.

This tune has been disputable on the grounds that a piece of verses in What Do You Think contains a statement from Jim Jones’ discourse in 1977. Jim Jones himself is known as a faction chief in America who welcomes many individuals to end it all by gulping fluid blended in with cyanide.

From that point onward, HYBE as Suga’s organization quickly apologized and chose to change the verses of the tune What Do You Think.

6. IU – Zeze

Incidentally, one of IU’s tunes has additionally been considered questionable. This began with numerous netizens who speculated that this melody was about pedophilia issues and was enlivened by Vladimir Nabokov’s tale Lolita, which recounts the romantic tale of an underage young lady with a grown-up male.

Notwithstanding, IU quickly denied this and clarified that this tune was motivated by a novel called My Sweet Orange Tree which is well known in Brazil. Moreover, IU likewise apologized for the misconception that happened around then.

7. CL – Mental Breakdown

One of CL’s tunes has clearly likewise been considered disputable on the grounds that it annoys a religion. In 2014, CL delivered an independent melody called Mental Breakdown. This tune caused debate on the grounds that there are parts of the blessed Quran, in particular, Surah An-Naba stanzas 32-34.

Until at long last, YG Entertainment as CL’s office apologized for this occurrence and erased the Al-Quran lafadz that showed up in this tune.

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