Why does the music of “Vivy” match anime? A group of songs created by the chemical reaction of Satoru Kōsaki and a new singer

The TV anime “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” (TOKYO), which is talked about as the main character of the  autonomous humanoid AI Vivy (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki / Vo. MX and others, hereinafter “Vivy”). The opening theme “Sing My Pleasure” sung by Vivy also topped Spotify’s viral charts. A CD titled the song was released on May 26, and many fans packed in to listen to Yagi’s live song at the CD purchaser-only online mini-live held on the same day. What kind of development will be reached toward the climax, and what is the appeal of the music in the play that colors the story of the increasingly talked-about “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-“?

■ The ideal way of singing in the play synchronized with the story In this work, the humanoid AI Vivi, who was given the mission to make people happy with songs, is an AI that came from the future 100 years later. Matsumoto (CV: Jun Fukuyama ) and the story of carrying out the “Singularity Plan” to stop the AI ​​rebellion 100 years later. The plan seemed to be successful, but in episode 10 of the May 29 broadcast, it was drawn to the point where the AI ​​rebellion had finally occurred. The story is about to reach its end, with various mysteries about why AI has caused a rebellion and why Vivi and others can move. The key to solving the mystery of the story is the music sung by Vivi and his AI. Music expresses the emotions and growth of AIs, such as the fact that there are small differences depending on the scene in which the same song is played, and it is also a hint. In the scene when the AI ​​that flowed at the beginning of the first episode rebelled, the general-purpose diva AI (Vo. Kotuki Miya)) Sang “Happy Together”, and the tune that seemed to be fun amplified the horror. In the battle scene of episode 6, “Sing My Pleasure” sung by Grace (CV: Satomi Akesaka / Vo. Hikari Codama) is used, and many people may feel that Grace is leading the vivy. Also, in the 7th episode, “Galaxy Anthem” sung by Diva who lost the memory of Vivy is used as the opening theme, and the part where the mass-produced AI image flowing in the back is different, I also care about meaningful production. Became. Furthermore, it turned out that the piano instrumental song that was played as the ending theme from the first episode was a song made by Vivi in ​​the tenth episode, and in the ending telop, the composer Satoru KōsakiVivi’s name was credited with. Although there are fixed opening and ending themes, they change according to the situation and episodes of Vivy, so you can see how important music is to the work “Vivy”. ■ Satoru Kōsaki is responsible for most of the music in “Vivy”, including the chemical reaction “Sing My Pleasure” created by Satoru Kōsaki and Mari Yagi. The anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (TOKYO MX and others) made the name of the shrine known. He worked on the music for the same work and worked on the songs “God knows …” and “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu” sung by Haruhi Suzumiya (CV: Aya Hirano). After that, he was in charge of composing and arranging many character songs such as the opening theme “Moteke! Sailor Fuku” of “Lucky Star” (TOKYO MX and others). In the “Bakemonogatari” series, he produced famous songs such as “Renai Circulation” sung by Nadeko Sengoku (CV: Kana Hanazawa). Many people may have the image of Satoru Kōsaki = Moe song from the image of the anime they worked on. However, it is not only that, but it also has an aspect of emotional music such as beautiful piano melody, heart-stirring chord progression, and dramatic modulation chorus. For example, Wake Up, Girls! Such as “Tachiagare!”, A positive song with a sense of speed, and “awakening,” a magnificent and powerful ballad provided to Takanori Nishikawa. The opening “The secret garden” of the game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-” and the theme song “Stand by … MUSIC !!!” of “Animelo Summer Live 2018” have a pico-pico electro element of “Vivy”. It will also lead to an image. * Atsumi Tanezaki’s “Saki” is officially Tatsusaki.

Is the appeal of “Vivy” due to the appointment of new singers such as Mari Yagi?
The appeal of Vivy’s music is that it has appointed singers with unknown potential, rather than the already famous and popular artists. For example, Mari Yagi, who was in charge of Vivi’s song, has uploaded a video of playing acoustic guitar on YouTube for about two years, and Vaundy, My Hair is Bad, Yorushika, Theory of Relativity, I wish it was midnight all the time. , Covers aesthetic plans, etc., and makes you feel a good sense. The transparent singing voice with fragility is attractive to the listener, and the cover video of YOASOBI “Running at Night” uploaded in December 2019 is up to now even though it was unknown until that time. Has recorded over 720,000 views. “Sing My Pleasure”, which she sang, has an up-tempo rhythm, a flowing and smooth singing, a falsetto that feels a little snorting, and a faint condition when it changes to the ground voice. On the Spotify viral chart, after winning the first appearance on the daily chart on 5/10, it still keeps 1st place, and on the weekly chart, it continues to be the 1st place for 3 consecutive weeks from 5/13 week (* 1). In addition, Rokka of Estella (CV: Yoko Hikasa), Noai who was in charge of the song of Elizabeth (CV: Yumi Uchiyama), and acane_madder of Ophelia (CV: Rina Hidaka) are all talented. In addition, on June 30th, the song recording album “Vivy -Fluorite Eye'” “s Song- Vocal Collection ~ Sing for Your Smile ~” was released, and Vivy sang “My Code” first, “A Tender Moon Tempo” used as the opening theme of the third episode, and the space hotel “Sunrise”. Contains songs that you want to hear again, such as “Ensemble for Polaris” sung by Estella and Elizabeth on the burning ship. Many chemical reactions created by the tags of Satoru Kōsaki and new singers. It is now beginning to spread to the music scene with wrinkles.

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