Vivy asks the importance of music in the video Re:Zero anime authors and other gorgeous teams challenge

The 2021 spring anime includes popular manga originals such as Shadow House Tokyo Revengers and EDENS ZERO as well as The Saint’s Magic Power is Universal and Spider, but what 300 years after defeating slime, I reached level MAX without knowing it. In addition, unique works such as Godzilla SP Cingular Point and ODD TAXI are also available. Among them, the TV anime Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song being broadcast on TOKYO MX and others reiterates the way music should be in video works and the amount of power given to video works, which is different from simply sticking works with popular artists. It makes me realize.

Vivy Re: Zero The author’s heart-grabbing dialogue TV anime Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is an autonomous humanoid AI programmed to make people happy with songs. Vivy challenges various missions while being guided by the cube-type AI Matsumoto who came from the future in order to stop the AI ​​rebellion that will occur 100 years later. While setting like Terminator, thrilling action like Mission: Impossible is drawn on a magnificent scale because it is an animation. In addition, the effective use of songs in various places leads the story to a more dramatic one.

The series composition and script are written by Tappei Nagatsuki, the author of the TV anime Re: Life in a Different World from Zero series, and the scenario supervision of the anime movie CHAOS; CHILD SILENT SKY and the theater remix version of the Appleseed XIII series. Eiji Umehara who was involved in the script etc.Is in charge. In addition to skillful settings and stories, the light interaction that is reminiscent of the interaction between Subaru and Emilia in Re: Zero is also attractive. I grinned at Matsumoto’s joke-loving and talkative line, A flightless cube is just a cube. We AI is not how long it will operate. How will it continue to operate? And Vivi is an AI that destroys AI to change the future of destruction. Many viewers would have been grabbed by it. In addition to Vivi, various AIs such as Estella, Elizabeth, and Grace are singing songs in the play, which is an important factor in the story. The story and the song are exquisitely linked, such as the opening theme Sing My Pleasure sung by Vivy, and the gimmick in which the version of Grace is used as the song in the play in the sixth episode, and the story becomes more dramatic depending on the song. It is directed to and reminds us of the power of music in video works.

Mari Yagi’s singing voice without any scruples matches the story
Satoru Kōsaki, who has worked on much popular anime Gintama
music is in charge of the music. The opening theme Moteke! Sailor Fuku of the anime Lucky Star is famous, and in addition to providing music to Kana Hanazawa and Momoiro Clover Z, the movie Inasure, Gunsei starring Yokohama Ryusei in 2019 So, he also works on live-action works. In Vivy, he handles almost all music, including the opening theme Sing My Pleasure, songs in the play, and Gintama
music. It is also an important key of this work that the singing part of the song in the play, including the opening theme Sing My Pleasure, is handled by the singer before the major debut, not the voice actor. Mari Yagi, who is in charge of Vivi’s song, is 18 years old who came to Tokyo from Hiroshima chasing her dream at the age of 15. Rokka, who was in charge of singing Estella in episodes 3 and 4, and Noai, who was in charge of singing Elizabeth, have a history of singing songs from the game Fate / Grand Order series. Grace who appeared in episodes 5 and 6Hikari Kodama, who was in charge of singing, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter who is active in playing the piano. Acane_madder, who was in charge of singing Ophelia from episode 7, is a musician who also provides music to voice actor Minori Suzuki. In addition, the singing of the general-purpose diva AI that appeared in the first episode is handled by the stage actor and Kotuki Miya who sings games and anime songs such as the game Fate / Grand Order series. In an original work that does not have an original, there may be a method of aiming for impact and topicality by using a popular famous singer, but it is undeniable that there is a demerit that the face of the person inside comes to mind. It can be said that it is fatal for this work in which the diva AI is the main character. By daring to appoint a singer who is not well known to the world, their fresh and fresh singing voice overlaps with the pureness of AIs who are trying to complete the given mission, making it more story-telling. You can immerse yourself. The importance of a fresh singing voice has been proved by auditioning the diva from the general public in the Macross series.Lisa’s debut, which is thrilling now, was also triggered by being in charge of the singing part of the character of the anime Angel Beats!. Not only the story of Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-, but also the innocent and innocent singing voices of the diva including Mari Yagi.

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