One Piece The Anime Power Of The Strongest Creature

A break on Weekly Shonen Jump made ONE PIECE readers wait an extra week. What will happen to Luffy and Kaido? Will the battle of Onigashima come to an end? To some of these questions, Oda answered in chapter 1014 of ONE PIECE.

The title of the new chapter is dedicated to Kanjuro, the traitor-actor of the Kurozumi family and who managed to save himself from the broken headphone. But this week’s ONE PIECE story begins with Kaido watching Luffy fall. The protagonist is again passed out and seems to have finished the Haki, which he used badly against the emperor. The latter reveals that Luffy is not Joy Boy, as he sees him fall into the water.

Bao Huang arrives at the scene and tells her that he must make an important announcement to everyone on the island. The scene shifts to Yamato, who is making his way, and Momonosuke who, reading Oden’s diary, discovers that he absolutely does not have to die. We then move on to the important clashes, with Chopper against Queen. The reindeer improved his Rumble Balls thanks to the intervention of Caesar Clown who had improved his formula, allowing him a transformation of up to 30 minutes, albeit with some risk. Meanwhile, Perospero continues to hurt both Chopper and the samurai while Queen is reluctant to give in.

It is at this moment that Kaido’s announcement arrives. While Jinbe, Brook, Robin, and all the other mugiwaras are fighting their opponents, it is announced that Luffy is dead as well as the Red Sheaths and that the emperor will welcome those who will surrender instantly. The mugiwara naturally refuse, while Kaido returns to the corridors of his island.

Kinemon and Kiku have reached Momonosuke, but are confronted by Kanjuro. Disguised as Oden, he fatally wounds Kiku but is then seriously injured by Kinemon. There is no time to breathe through as Kaido bursts into the room. As Momonosuke and Shinobu escape, Kinemon is hit hard by the emperor’s Kanebo. Meanwhile, Onigashima is about to reach Wano: the destruction of ONE PIECE’s samurai island is near.

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