“Let’s Make a Mug Cup” Anime OP Theme “If You Open the Door” Solo ver. Will be released!

From the popular TV anime & live-action “Yaku Nara Mug Cup Mo”, the opening theme “Open the Door” solo ver. The anime “Yaku Nara Mug Cup Mo” sung by MUG-MO has been decided to be released.

“Let’s Make a Mug Cup” is a youth story set in Tajimi City, located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, where four high school girls are absorbed in the charm of pottery under the theme of the traditional craft “Mino ware”. Starting today, April 2nd, it will be broadcast on CBC TV, other BS11, TOKYO MX, MBS, and AT-X in sequence. Of the 30-minute program, the first 15 minutes will be the normal animation part and the second 15 minutes will be the live-action part. It becomes. In charge of the voice of the main character 4 people, Tanaka Miu, Yu Serizawa, Yuki Wakai, Hon’izumi Rina is jumping out from the anime, the stage and made live-action part to be fashionable to introduce and experience the Gifu Prefecture Tajimi of this work is “about Then the mug cup will be- after school- “.

Toyokawa Hime乃(CV: Tanaka Miu), after a long time Nashisan Hana (CV: Yu Serizawa), Naoko Naruse (CV: Yuki Wakai), Aoki Jushi (CV: Hon’izumi Rina) this work the original unit of which consists of 4 people The single included in the opening theme “Open the Door ” of the anime “Yaku Nara Mug Cup Mo” sung by MUG-MO is now on sale. “If you open the door (Toyokawa Himeno ver.)” Will be released on May 18th (Tuesday), and every Tuesday from 0:00, Kuri Sanka ver., Naruse Naoko ver., And Aoki Toko ver. To do.

In addition, on YouTube, a lyric video of “When you open the door” is being released in full size. Please pay attention to the country music that is perfect for the work, and the lyrics that link the feelings for ceramic art and the growth of Himeno and others.

[Digital Release]
When you open the door (Toyokawa Himeno ver.)
Toyokawa Himeno (CV:
Minami Tanaka) COKM-43290

◆ Anime ” Let’s Make a Mug Cup” Opening Theme
MUG-MO “If You Open the Door”
Song: MUG-MO
Himeno Toyokawa (CV: Miumi Tanaka), Mika Kurizawa (CV: Yu Serizawa), Naoko Naruse (CV: Yuki Wakai), Toko Aoki (CV: Rina
Motoizumi) Now on sale | ¥ 1,650 (tax included) | COCC-17870

1. When you open the door
Lyrics: Mayumi Kaneko Composition: Kazuya Izumi Arrangement: Makoto
Kushita 2. Let’s try it !!
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Izumi Mori
3. When you open the door (Instrumental)
4. Let’s try it !! (Instrumental)

5. When you open the door ~ MUG- MO Everyone ver. ~
6. When the door is opened (TV size ver.)


● Introduction is the
best The temperature is 40.9 degrees! A new story with anime and pottery in Tajimi, a pottery town!
The stage is Tajimi City, a town famous for Mino ware, located in Tono (southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture) where the famous Sengoku era famous tea master “Furuta Oribe” made pottery.

As part of the project “Let’s make the city healthy” launched by volunteers and companies in Tajimi City in 2010, the free comic “Yaku Nara Mug Cup” started to be published by the local IT company Planet Co., Ltd. in 2012. Is the original. (Published up to 33 volumes as of December 2020)

The cast members who color this work are Minami Tanaka as Himeno Toyokawa, Yu Serizawa as Mika Kurizawa, Yuki Wakai as Naoko Naruse, and Rina Honnizumi as Toko Aoki. ..

The staff members are Jun Kamiya (“Kingdom” and “Hikaru no Go”) as the director, Toshihisa Arakawa (“Kingdom” and “There is a problem with this art club”) as the series composition and script, and Ayano Yoshioka (“Theater”) as the character design. “The version of Haikara-san passes”), and Japanese animation (“Chibimaruko-chan”, “Theatrical version of Haikara-san passes”, “World Masterpiece Theater Series”) will be welcomed.

“Let’s Make a Mug Cup”, which was born with the support of the locals, is finally decided to be made into a TV animation!


● Story
Is ceramic art sober?
Himeno Toyokawa has moved to Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, the hometown of her mother, who died when she was young.
Himeno, who has decided to go to her mother’s mother’s school, is invited by her classmate Kukurimika to head to a certain place together.
The destination is the ceramic art club!
For the first time, he learned that his mother was a legendary potter, and Himeno was drawn into the world of pottery.

Mika Kukuri, the mood maker of the ceramic art club.
Naoko Naruse, a unique girl who is always in the club room.
Toko Aoki, the director of the ceramic art department, has the grandfather of a famous potter.

A bright and enjoyable ceramic life with unique friends!
A loose ceramic art story by high school girls who are fascinated by ceramic art!

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