Locations: Where Is Hollington Drive Filmed?

Today, ITV’s theatrics series by Sophie Petzal Hollington Drive recording areas will be our focal point of consideration. Initially, if you are curious about this new show, Hollington Drive follows two or three sisters and their families as they manage wrongdoing. Strange wrongdoing will isolate the sisters and put their bond under serious scrutiny. Furthermore, Carolina Giammetta will coordinate this new series on ITV, and it has four scenes. As the series advances, many individuals on the web are asking where did they film this series. Furthermore, we anticipate responding to that inquiry.

Hollington Drive stars Rachael Stirling and Anna Maxwell. The two play several sisters whose lives in suburbia unexpectedly become pained when wrongdoing isolates them from their family bond. In this post, we will impart to you insights about the recording areas. Furthermore, we are imparting to you were to watch this promising ITV series. Thirdly, we will stop for a minute we think about the cast. What’s more, ultimately, we will let you know insights regarding the plot. With practically no further ado, how about we start!

Hollington Drive shooting areas

This ITV series photography occurred in Cardiff. All the more explicitly, at an area named “The Mill” and in a spot called Sanatorium Park, a green region regularly visited by local people. Also, Sanatorium Park is situated in Western Cardiff. Last year, the recreation center was the object of debate when the city board started attempts to fabricate a football pitch almost where the children play. With awful development work, the football pitch overwhelmed and became futile.

Where to watch Hollington Drive?

On the off chance that you wish to watch this new series, you can watch it online on the ITV player. Initially, you should sign in to the ITV site, and you can begin watching it from your gadget. Remember that an ITV player account expects you to have a British TV permit. As a result, the accessibility of this program is restricted to United Kingdom occupants. On the off chance that you live external in the UK, you could utilize a VPN supplier. Be that as it may, the ITV player continually clears IP addresses. Furthermore, subsequently, they are untrustworthy.


The story rotates around Anna Maxwell Martin and Rachael Stirling, two sisters whose lives are broken when a child disappears in the area. On a Summer evening in the lovely neighborhood of Hollington Drive, 10-year-old Alex Boyd is accounted for missing. Theresa and Helen, sisters and social columns in the town, are battling to keep their lives and families together in the outcome of this fiasco. As distress tears through Hollington Drive, insider facts and misrepresentations start to arise, and since long ago, ago held façades fizzle.

Theresa lives on Hollington Drive, a delightful rural area, with her sweetheart, Fraser, and child, Ben. Her sister’s family drops by for a grill one delightful day, and her child and niece need to play at an adjoining park. Theresa is reluctant to allow them to leave alone. In any case, she ultimately concurs, becoming terrified when they don’t return home by the settled upon hour. She later finds them battling on the forest edges, which raises her doubts when another neighborhood kid disappears that evening.


Anna Maxwell Martin (you might recall her from her work in “Becoming Jane” and “The Bletchley Circle”). Also, Rachael Stirling (you might recall her from “Snow White and The Huntsman”) join Peter McDonald (he worked in “Dublin Murders”) and Rhashan Stone (from Netflix’s “Dark Mirror”) in this four-section dramatization that will undoubtedly charm you. Likewise, taking part in the cast is Jonas Armstrong. Ken Nwosu (from “The Witches” and “Christopher Robin”) and Jodi McNee (Official Secrets) wrap up the cast line-up.

Is Hollington Drive dependent on evident occasions?

This promising ITV wrongdoing dramatization series is a work of fiction written by the famous screenwriter Sophie Petzal. She chipped away at two series of “Blood” preceding plunking down to compose Hollington Drive’s chilling story. Also, Petzal needed to make a convincing and goal-oriented story. Fortunately for her, ITV got on her proposition, and it worked out as expected. The screenwriter decided to play two anecdotal sisters against one another after motivating her incredible connection with her sister. Thank you for perusing this article, and kindly continue to return for all the more day-by-day refreshes.

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