SUNRISE BEYOND x BANDAI SPIRITS teamed up to release the opening video of the first episode of the robot anime ‘Boundary Warfare Machine’ on YouTube.

The unique video at the beginning of the first episode of the original robot anime “Boundary Warfare Machine,” broadcast and distributed sequentially from October 4, 2021, has been pre-distributed on the BANDAI SPIRITS official YouTube channel. “Boundary Battle Machine” is an original animation produced by BANDAI SPIRITS and SUNRISE BEYOND. In addition to terrestrial broadcasting, … Read more

Animation ‘BEASTARS’ new chapter production decision NETFLIX animation series will continue drawing the second period.

It has been decided that a new chapter of the anime “BEASTARS” will be produced. Draw the continuation of the second period in the NETFLIX anime series. Orange will continue to be in charge of animation production. Official Twitter account of Legoshi’s commemorative illustration drawn by the author reports that “the production of a new … Read more

Animation “Sonny Boy” Blu-ray BOX, illustration release of original benefits by corporation Announcement

The Blu-ray BOX of the anime “Sonny Boy” will be released on the official website and TOWER RECORDS only on Wednesday, December 8. This time, the ban on the illustrations used in the original corporate privilege “A4 visual sheet drawn by Hisashi Eguchi” of this BOX has been lifted. [All images] “Sonny Boy” Sonny Boy’s … Read more

Two years after the Kyoto Animation arson murder, a memorial service was held at the studio’s site.

It has been two years since the “Kyoto Animation” studio was set on fire, killing 36 employees and injuring 32 people in 18 days. At the studio’s site, a memorial service was held by the bereaved family and company officials, and prayers were offered to the deceased. On July 18, the first studio of Kyoto … Read more

Hiro Shimono & Kana Hanazawa will appear! Another world fantasy ‘Fruit of evolution’

It turned out that the TV anime ” The Fruit of Evolution-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” will be broadcast from October 2021. At the same time, the particular news PV and key visuals were released, and it became clear that Hiro Shimono will play the main character Seiichi Hiiragi and Kana Hanazawa will play the heroine … Read more

BTS breaks Oricon’s 2021 deals record in 1 day with ‘BTS, THE BEST’ collection dispatch

BTS is on a record-breaking binge and there is only no halting them. Subsequent to adding their names to the record books with their most recent single, ‘Spread’, the young men hit another high with the arrival of their collection ‘BTS, THE BEST’. The K-Pop band’s new Japanese collection highlighting their most prominent hits has … Read more

7 Greatest Sci-Fi Anime Of All Time

These experiences into space and takes a gander at life in the far-off future make certain to satisfy any anime fan. Like any type of visual media, there are innumerable types and sub-classifications of anime shows and movies. Unbounded to the measure of the imagination an author can have while making an energized piece of … Read more

UP10TION introduces 2nd full album

UP10TION held an online media showcase event Monday to introduce its second full album, “Connection.” “We are returning after a long while and I was so excited and nervous that I couldn’t sleep well,” confided Kuhn. The band members poured a lot into the new album, he added. The new LP is a spinoff from … Read more

7 Shonen Anime To Watch If You Like One Piece

For the individuals who are ravenous for more shonen activity, there is a lot of exemplary and present-day Series that will speak to One Piece fans. One Piece began serialization in Shonen Jump back in 1997—an astounding 24 years prior—and still proceeds with serialization right up ’til the present time. It has more than 1,000 … Read more